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5 Perfect Proposal Destinations in the UK

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
5 Perfect Proposal Destinations in the UK

If you are contemplating getting down on one knee in the UK, you may be wondering about the best place to ask the all-important question. Naturally, choosing somewhere that is personal to the two of you is sure to be a winner. If personal isn't possible, you may be looking for the perfect backdrop for your romantic proposal. Here are five perfect proposal destinations that we love here at Marlow's Diamonds. Just make sure you have the perfect engagement rings to make the occasion completely perfect.

The Palladian Bridge, Bath

Bath is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, making it a fail-safe choice for any proposal. If you and your spouse appreciate British heritage, Bath's beautiful history is sure to make for a romantic getaway. The Palladian Bridge in Prior Park is a stunning secluded spot that makes for the perfect proposal spot. With a tranquil lake surrounded by the majestic landscaped grounds, this charming 18th century bridge is the peaceful place you've been searching for.

The London Eye, London


This is certainly one the UK's most popular proposal destinations, but its popularity shouldn't put you off. The London Eye offers some of the best views in London and is an affordable option for most budgets. Make a slow and steady ascent at morning, noon or night and propose to your loved one right at the top. They will have the rest of the downward journey to let everything soak in whilst still being surrounded by 360 degree views of one of the world's most iconic cities.

Puzzlewood, Forest of Dean

Perhaps you are looking for a proposal that is unforgettably atmospheric. Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean can add mystical mystery and fairy-tale fantasy to your proposal. This is an ancient woodland site that features a variety of weird and wonderful rock formations, secret caves and olden trees. Lead your loved one down a confusing maze of paths to a secluded section of the forest where you will be able to deliver a magical proposal, with only nature as your witness.

The Lake District

The Lake District has been voted many times as one of the most popular places to propose and for good reason. The looming mountain peaks and the glistening lakes make an awe-inspiring back drop for the most important day of your life. Despite its popularity throughout the years, there is still plenty of space to find your own special corner of the Lake District. Hire a boat and float to a remote spot at sunset, or get down on one knee on the mountain tops at daybreak  your proposal is sure to be beautiful no matter where you choose in the Lake District.

Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland

If you are looking for a more dramatic and majestic location, Dunluce Castle could be the ideal choice. This iconic Irish castle is situated on stunning headland on the North Antrim coast. The site is steeped in medieval history and the ruins are truly a sight to behold. Those who adore the coast and have a keen interest in ancient history will be blown away with the drama of this location. Propose surrounded by the crashing of waves with this ancient site as your backdrop and your day is sure to be unforgettable.

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