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Astrological Benefits of Diamond You Didn’t Know About

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Astrological Benefits of Diamond You Didn’t Know About

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Indeed! But did you know that diamonds are not just about beauty and fashion? If you are planning to surprise your girl with an engagement ring then here are some benefits of wearing a diamond that will certainly bring bliss to your marital life.

Astrology tells a lot about gemstones and their benefits for every individual. Diamond is also known to have many astrological benefits on various aspects of one’s life. What are these? Who should wear a diamond? Is diamond a favourable stone for you? Let’s find out.

Characteristics of Diamond

Diamond is known to be the hardest stone on Earth, hence the phrase “a diamond is forever”. Found in varying shades of yellow and brown to colourless, diamonds are considered powerful gemstones. The ruling planet of a diamond is Venus, which is the brightest after the sun and moon. Beauty, luxury, and abundance are all ruled by Venus. Wearing a diamond is known to bring richness into one’s life.

Venus is also known for its ability to bring love, wealth, fame, success, and prosperity which is why wearing diamond rings can prove to be beneficial. It is not only good for women but also for men.

If you are planning to propose then diamond engagement rings are the best option for you since diamonds bring harmony to marital life. Peace, intimacy, and emotional balance in marriage are driven by diamonds. In fact, those with a distressed Venus can wear diamonds to neutralize its negative effects.

Who can Benefit from Wearing Diamond Rings?

In Indian Vedic astrology, diamond holds special significance. Those born under the influence of Venus benefit the most from it. However, anyone can wear it.

It is advised to wear a diamond of 0.5-1.5 carat weight. Also, the mounting of the solitaire must be done in such a way that the bottom always touches the finger of the wearer. For best effects, go for high-quality colourless diamonds since low-grade diamonds can have adverse to no effects.

Astrological Benefits of Diamonds

  • Financial Success: As mentioned before, Venus is known to bring fame and fortune which is why many people seeking financial stability wear diamonds. Indian astrology states that wearing diamond rings can bring financial success by boosting one’s career growth.
  • Health: For those who experience illness frequently, diamonds can be a great aid in promoting better mental health. It can reduce depression and anxiety by bringing mental peace. It is also effective in removing digestive issues and sexual issues.
  • Relationships: Venus is the renowned planet of love, sex, and romance. So, if you are planning to ask for your partner’s hand then doing it with a diamond ring is the best since it ensures marital peace and mutual attraction.
  • Creativity: Diamond is also advised for people who are in creative fields like arts and entertainment. So if you are suffering from writer’s block or looking for some inspiration then a diamond ring might just get your creative juices flowing.

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