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What Are The Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds?

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Aug 10, 2023
What Are The Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds?

Diamonds have long held a sparkling place in our hearts. Their enchanting glamour and charm make them the perfect focal point for engagement rings. 

Up until the early 1950s, the only diamond options for your engagement ring were mined diamonds. A new diamond has emerged, offering the elegance of mined diamonds without any of the downsides – the lab-grown diamond

In this guide, we highlight the lab grown diamonds benefits to help you feel confident in choosing this diamond for your engagement ring. 

The Top 6 Lab Grown Diamond Benefits

When it comes to lab-grown diamonds vs earth-grown diamonds, there are numerous advantages of lab grown diamonds. 

We highlight the 6 benefits of choosing these stunning engineered diamonds for your engagement ring: 

1. Identical Look to Mined Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds share the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. Their matching brilliance and sparkle make their appearance indistinguishable from diamonds sourced from the Earth. For lab-grown diamond engagement rings, they exude the same look and romance as those with natural diamonds. 

2. Ethical Choice

When you choose a lab-grown diamond engagement ring, you are choosing ethically sourced diamond jewellery.  These gems are created in controlled, humane conditions. This eliminates concerns about 'blood diamonds' or worker exploitation that can occur in diamond mining. 

3. Better for Budget

Lab-grown diamonds offer a more budget-friendly alternative for your engagement ring. These diamonds can be between 40% - 60% more affordable than naturally sourced diamonds. This price difference means you could invest in a larger gem or a higher-quality diamond for the same budget.  We highlight the reasons why lab-grown diamonds are generally more affordable: 

Creation Process

Diamond mining requires vast amounts of labour and machinery, which increases the overall cost of the diamonds. The process of creating lab-grown diamonds is more efficient and less resource-intensive than mining. This helps reduce the total cost of the diamonds. 

Variety of Options

Lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment. This enables the production of diamonds with specific qualities and characteristics, allowing for a wide range of options to suit different preferences and budgets.


The rarity of natural diamonds contributes to their high cost. Lab-grown diamonds can be produced in a few weeks using advanced technologies, making them more accessible. The abundant supply of these lab-crafted gems makes them a more affordable alternative.

Faster Supply

The supply chain for lab-grown diamonds is much shorter and more streamlined than that of mined diamonds. These diamonds go from the lab to the jeweller, reducing the total costs.

Competitive Market

The value of mined diamonds is controlled by a few large companies that can manipulate the supply to keep prices high. The market for lab-grown diamonds is more competitive and dynamic, keeping prices more consumer-friendly.

4. Sustainable Option

Lab-grown diamonds offer a more sustainable choice for your engagement ring. The diamond extraction process during diamond mining damages ecosystems and impacts surrounding local communities. Lab-grown diamonds are created without these harmful impacts, making them a sustainable, environmentally friendly option. 

Certain lab-grown diamonds will be more sustainable than others. This will be based on the energy source used for creating the diamond. If the energy source stems from a renewable energy source, you can then confidently choose this sustainable diamond for your eco-conscious engagement ring. 

5. Superior Quality

Lab-grown diamonds can offer superior quality in terms of clarity and purity. The controlled conditions in which they grow allow for minimal inclusions and blemishes, resulting in a purer, more flawless gem. This means your lab-grown diamond can potentially sparkle with even more brilliance than an earth-mined diamond.

6. Wide Range of Choices

The process of creating lab-grown diamonds also allows for a broader range of choices in terms of colours and grades. In the past, certain colours and grades of diamonds were rare, making them extremely expensive. Lab-grown diamonds break free from these limitations, giving you a vast array of stunning options to choose from.

Embrace the Brilliance of Lab-Grown Diamonds with Marlow’s Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds shine brightly as an excellent choice for your engagement ring. These ethical diamonds offer the identical aesthetic of mined diamonds, with the added benefits of sustainability, affordability, and higher quality.

Explore Marlow’s Diamonds’ collection of engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds to begin your journey towards forever.

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