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Choosing the perfect diamond rings

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Choosing the perfect diamond rings

Investing in new diamond rings is a big deal. These aren't the sort of products you buy every day. They're a real luxury and over the course of your whole life, you may only have the opportunity to get your hands on a few items like this.

The gems are truly special and they're designed to be treasured for many years. They can even be passed on from generation to generation because they're built to last and they never fall out of fashion. So, rather than rushing into your buying decisions, it can pay off to take your time and make sure you're totally happy with the results.

Purchasing tips

Thankfully, there's plenty of advice available these days. So, if you're struggling to know where to start, you should be able to source inspiration.

For example, a recent article on This is South Wales contained a series of tips intended to help those seeking eternity rings and other such products. It stated: Jewellery can be one of these tough things to shop for, particularly if you aren't very familiar with the huge amount of terminology that surrounds all the different types of jewellery available.

The four Cs

It drew attention to the so-called four Cs. These are cut, colour, clarity and carat. It suggested that the greatest area of confusion concerns cut. The article remarked: Most people, including a lot of people who actually work in the jewellery business, will tell you that cut refers to the shape of a diamond and this isn't the case. Yes, the shape of the diamond is important, a radiant-cut diamond looks very different to an emerald-cut one, but cut means more than that.

The article went on to stated: For each shape of diamond, facets are cut into the rough, natural diamond to create the desired shape. For each shape, there is an optimal ratio between the height of the stone and the angles of the facets that maximises the amount of light being allowed to enter and then bounce back out of the stone. This makes the diamond sparkle. The closer to this ideal, the better the quality of the cut.

The other Cs are simpler to understand, it pointed out. Clarity and colour are "pretty self-explanatory", while carat refers to the weight of the gems. About this, it remarked: "Obviously the bigger the stone, the higher the diamond prices are likely to be."

Sourcing your rings from us

Armed with knowledge like this, you should find it easier to appraise the gems you see and therefore be able to make decisions with more confidence. Here at Marlows Diamonds we go out of our way to ensure that the process of buying products like this is easy.

If you're after eternity diamond rings, you might be drawn to our full round brilliant cut eternity ring that's listed in our catalogue as the ET07. This stunning creation features a full carat of diamonds set all around the band in a classic platinum claw setting.

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