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Choosing the Perfect Eternity Ring

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022
Choosing the Perfect Eternity Ring

If you like it then you should put a ring on it, and we agree with Beyonce's famous words. We also think they don't just apply to engagement rings, however, but also to eternity rings. An eternity ring is a symbol of the eternal love you hold for your wife, and can be given at any time during the marriage. The ring is the perfect symbol for eternal love because, like your feelings for her, it is never ending. And of course, nothing says it better than a beautiful diamond eternity ring from Marlows!

There are two types of eternity ring available the full or half eternity ring. What this refers to is whether the stones go all the way around the band, or just halfway. The latter is obviously cheaper, but for some people it is also a more comfortable ring to wear, as the stones won't press into the rest of the hand or skin. If you're buying the ring as a surprise and are still not sure of your wife's size, then these are also easier to resize and a full ring often has to be custom sized. At Marlows, we stock a large selection of both full and half eternity rings.

As we already mentioned, an eternity ring can be given at any point in the marriage there is no set time. Some people even decide to give their girlfriend one before marriage, although this is still a rare practice. Other people choose to give a ring after one year of marriage, although paper is actually the traditional gift and much cheaper! It is more common to choose a special anniversary, such as ten or twenty-five years, or to give it as part of a renewal of wedding vows, if you like this idea.

As with our diamond engagement rings, eternity rings available from Marlows come in different styles featuring different cuts of diamond. The round brilliant cut diamond is often considered as the best because the way that it is cut means that its facets give off the most sparkle as the light bounces around them. Consequently, this cut is also the most popular and the most expensive too. We have a beautiful Round Brilliant Cut Half Eternity Ring available which you can customise to choose the carat weight of the diamond (a lighter weight making it less expensive) and also the metal of the band. This particular ring is available in 18ct yellow or white gold, or platinum. If you prefer to buy a full set ring, then we also have this available in the same metals. When buying a full eternity ring, remember that these have a wider band and so may not be comfortable for a woman with small fingers or dainty hands, particularly if she still wishes to continue wearing her engagement and wedding rings.

When buying a diamond, it is important to that it is certificated. All our diamonds are GIA or IGI certificated and of top quality.

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