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Choosing Wedding Jewellery

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Choosing Wedding Jewellery

When you are planning a wedding together, you are bound to feel excited about the most special day of your life. However, there are so many different things to organise that it can be very easy to overlook the small details that need to be arranged for the day. Whereas there will be plenty of people thinking about where to hold the wedding and reception, it is often up to the bride to decide on the types of jewellery that she and her bridesmaids will be wearing on the big day itself. As such, here is a quick guide to the types of jewellery that you may want to consider making a part of the best day of your life.

Stunning Rings

One of the main ingredients of a wedding recipe is of course the rings! Whilst it is only right that the bride herself has the biggest and most beautiful ring, some couples now also consider buying diamond rings and jewellery for their bridesmaids too. Everyone will want to celebrate your special day together and matching jewellery will look great on your group wedding photos. When it comes to choosing diamond rings it can be difficult to know where to start which is why you can always rely on the professional expertise of our staff to help advise you when you're making your big decisions.

Stylish Earrings

You will also have to decide what type of earrings you are going to wear on your big day. The right pair of earrings can provide an instant lift to your look and outfit. For example, a pair of diamond pendant earrings will catch the light perfectly and dazzle all your friends and family. When choosing your earrings always remember to consider the colour of the outfit that you are going to wear. If you are the bride and will be wearing white this won't be much of a problem! However, if you are choosing matching earrings for your bridesmaids, you won't want to pick jewellery which will clash with the colour of their dresses.

Eye Catching Necklace

No wedding outfit is complete without beautiful necklaces. Always consider the neckline of the dress that you will be wearing. If you are unsure as to what type of necklace matches which type of neckline, take a photo of your dresses and take it in to talk to your jeweller. With years of experience in the business our staff will give you all the help that you need in order to make a decision in your own time. You should never feel pushed into buying a certain piece of jewellery by any jeweller, and we pride ourselves on the levels of discreet support that we offer to all our clients. Every bride has an image of the type of wedding that she wants to have, and it is our job to help make her dream a reality. No matter what type of jewellery you may need, we will always provide you with support.

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