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Diamond Ring Alternatives for Modern Brides-to-Be

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Diamond Ring Alternatives for Modern Brides-to-Be

The modern bride has the splendid choice of being pretty much whatever type of bride she wants. The beach wedding, the long-term fiancee, getting married in a theme park, popping down to the local council hall for a quick and simple ceremony choice is a welcome and much-valued part of modern nuptials.

So, with all this choice flying around, who says she has to choose from diamond engagement rings? After all, a diamond is a diamond whatever setting it finds itself exquisitely nestled into. And yes, whatever jewellery you choose, you know only diamonds will do!

Diamond Earrings

Some ladies work with their hands doctors, vets, sculptors, busy mums, writers and although any of our unique diamond rings would look ravishing on her digit, perhaps it simply wouldn't work with her lifestyle.

Diamond earrings offer an elegant alternative to add a touch of glamour (even when she's in her vet's overalls!) We carry an extensive range of diamond earrings with a variety of settings, including stud earrings in standard cuts such as emerald and princess.

Stud earrings are particularly popular with ladies looking for a chic, simple but elegant piece of engagement jewellery that can be worn with similar regularity as the traditional engagement ring. Our diamond stud earrings range is priced by both cut and carat.

Many of our stud earrings are also available with matching diamond pendent necklaces. A splendid new trend amongst prospective grooms is to secretly buy the matching pendent as a wedding or anniversary gift.

Diamond Necklaces and Pendents

Depending on what sort of jewellery she likes to wear the most, diamond necklaces can be a superb choice for busy ladies who aren't keen on toting a pair of diamond studs each day.

Our range of pendent necklaces can be worn alone or with extra necklace accessories on special occasions. As already mentioned, many of pendent necklaces come with matching diamond earrings, making it wonderfully easy for gents to choose a matching gift for their intended (even more romantic if you hold on to it for your first anniversary or wedding day!)

Diamond Bracelets

Perhaps the least common choice on the whole, but it could be perfect for your lady's lifestyle. Our range includes simple, chic single strand diamond bracelets right through to multi-strand formal occasion bracelets with multiple diamond settings.

Would you like some help choosing the perfect engagement ring alternative? Many of our pieces are easy to customise by changing the precious metal setting, cut and carat of the diamonds. We've created a few buying guides to help all our customers understand a little more about things like cut, carat and clarity. Head over to the Buying Guides area of our website for more information.

We're passionate about helping out entire clientèle to access the most sumptuous diamonds and perfect settings for their particular needs. Whatever your jewellery choice, we're here to make sure you make the best decision for your fiancee, the decision that will make her face light up!

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