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Diamonds –The Most Concentrated Form Of Wealth

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Diamonds –The Most Concentrated Form Of Wealth

When buying a normal Diamond Engagement Ring, we don’t think about the fact that the diamond you are purchasing is the most concentrated form of wealth known to man, as pointed out first by Pliny the Elder 2000 years ago, and purchases have no restrictions, embargoes and are not a security threat to anyone. With blood and conflict diamonds almost eradicated due to the UN Kimberly Process Certification, and supply tightening in the long run, with the Argyle and some other mines nearing closure, diamonds are the right kind of investment to make today. Like gold, diamonds can work as a commodity in addition to being worn as a piece of jewellery, and unlike gold, you can put millions of pounds worth of diamonds in your pocket if need be.As diamond trading is US Dollar based, price is hardly affected by local currency fluctuations, local government decisionsor major conflicts. Diamonds became a form of currency during the Nazi years of persecution in Germany. It saved countless Jewish lives and families and gave them a safe passage to countries like Switzerland and the UK. It is sometimes also used as a form of currency in trading between large private families. Auction houses like Christies and Sotheby’s across the world are selling record numbers of high value diamonds at record prices not seen before. The only problem with purchasing at auction is the 25-30% associated fees for every transaction. And the fact that if two bidders want one diamond, then expect to pay more than double the actual price. The upside of buying in auction is that you can be anonymous and legally sign a non-disclosure agreement with the auction house. And you can trust a reputable auction house to do its due diligence as to the quality and any associated provenance which comes with a rare diamond or gemstone.
The rarity of gem quality D Flawless Type IIA diamonds or intense or vivid fancy coloured diamondshave made them a prized possession for many. As the world economy creates more and more millionaires and billionaires, the craze for this form of investment keeps increasing resulting in pushing prices upwards.


If bidding in auction is not your thing, and if you feel you need to make a purchase without the associated noise of buying in an auction, a visit to the Marlows Boutique on Beauchamp Place is a must. With access to some of the world’s largest miners and diamond polishers, Type IIA Diamonds and fine gemstones like Burma Rubies, Old mine Columbian Emeralds and Kashmir Sapphires and with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Marlows Diamonds can be the perfect guide for your search for the right diamond at the right price. Call us on 02074051477 for assistance in procuring these fine treasures for future generations.

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