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Don't Make Choosing the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring Be the Obstacle to Matrimonial Bliss

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Don't Make Choosing the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring Be the Obstacle to Matrimonial Bliss

For some men, just choosing which pair of socks to wearing in the morning can be a tough enough decision to make on their own. So when it comes to deciding on the perfect engagement ring ahead of making a wedding proposal, to say that they might be a little overwhelmed by the options out there is an understatement to say the least.

It doesn't help that men have to go through the process alone if the event is to be a surprise, the gent has to use a little bit of that initiative that exists somewhere in him to ensure that they buy the best ring for their fiancée-in-waiting. Though recruiting the help of his girlfriend's close friends is an option, sometimes secrets amongst friends can get out, so for total discretion the process of choosing and buying the perfect engagement ring is a mission that must be undertaken on their own.

If you're one of those guys for whom choosing from an extensive selection of engagement rings that your loved one will cherish is a more daunting prospect than asking the question, you shouldn't be put off from being bold and going to buy a ring yourself. Not having one could leave the moment lacking that symbolic piece of jewellery that any woman will wear with pride.

A survey conducted by Men's Health and found that 32% of women say the biggest proposal mistake you can make is not having a ring. So in most cases, just having something to present to your loved-one at that special moment is the most important thing. The same survey found that only 3% of women returned the ring chosen by their man to exchange for another with this in mind, the pressure of choosing should be relieved slightly: though the selection is important, the thought behind it is clearly something to be valued too.

Here at Marlow's Diamond, we have an extensive selection of diamond engagement rings that our knowledgeable staff are always more than happy to talk our customers through, so that they can make the right decision to crown that special moment. With over 300 years of combined experience of the jewellery trade, we have the passion that will help lead you towards making the perfect choice.

We understand that you'll want to make a purchase that speaks to your loved-one, and tells her in a moment how special they are to you. You'll be able to choose from our terrific selection of unique engagement rings for both men & women that will do just that. You can browse our online catalogue from the comfort of your own home, with immediate delivery options available. This makes the whole process discrete, and ensures that you can both astonish and surprise the lucky girl without arousing suspicion.

What is more, as we offer much more competitive prices than you'll find on the high street, your budget can stretch even further. Though this might mean more choice and more confusion, with our help we can help you choose a ring that will have her saying yes in a heartbeat, bringing the dream of marriage one step closer.

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