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Embrace the New Trend of Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings This Year

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Embrace the New Trend of Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings This Year

There is a reason antiques hold a special place in history and our hearts. With the rising awareness for sustainability, more and more people are turning to vintage diamond engagement rings for their low to no impact on the environment.

While earlier, diamond engagement rings were all about bigger diamonds and mostly solitaire settings, the trends have certainly changed. Even though the fascination for vintage engagement rings has been there for a long time, a stir was caused in the jewellery industry with Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. The Duchess received one of the most popular rings in history that was worn by the late Princess Diana. The 12-carat sapphire ring with 14 diamonds made the whole world swoon with its sheer beauty and historical significance.

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Courtesy: Pinterest

As if Kate’s newly acquired crown jewel was not enough, Prince Harry took the world by storm again with Meghan Markle’s engagement ring that was a multi-stone diamond engagement ring. The ring showcased a 3-carat diamond centre stone surrounded by 2 one-carat diamonds taken from his late mother’s collection.

 engagement rings
Courtesy: Pinterest

While competing with Royal Crown jewels is not something the common man can afford, the sentiments behind buying vintage engagement rings certainly became popular. Today, more and more couples are embracing antique rings.

Why Should You Choose Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings?

Gone are the days when a worn ring was not considered a good omen. The thinking has significantly changed over time. Credit goes to not only the royal family but also the general awareness surrounding sustainability. Like De Beers once told the world, “diamonds are forever”, these rings also carry a timeless quality. This makes vintage rings a big hit amongst the masses.

Not only do diamond rings suffer unnoticeable to no damage over decades, but the rustic charm of worn rings is also something that actually adds value to it. Furthermore, vintage engagement rings are also made with rare precious metals. Taking cues from the royal duchesses again since the Welsh gold used in their rings were sourced from places where mining had stopped over 2 decades ago.

To drive their high demand, there is the added factor of sustainability. Vintage rings are already in circulation so there is no way they make an impact on the environment. Also, having mined decades to centuries ago, one can be assured that these gemstones are completely ethically sourced which is a major concern for the diamond industry.

Not to forget the historical significance vintage diamond rings hold. Every antique ring comes with a unique story that goes on with you.

Where to Buy Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings?

While wanting to wear vintage diamond engagement rings is on the list for most women out there today, sourcing these long-forgotten jewels can be an issue. But fret not, Marlow’s brings you an amazing range of diamond engagement rings inspired by antique rings that you can check out here. Not only do these designs scream vintage in every way but they also contain conflict-free and highest quality diamonds graded by the GIA.

So what are you still waiting for? Start shopping for the ring of a lifetime already!

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