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Engagement and Wedding Traditions that Stand the Test of Time

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022
Engagement and Wedding Traditions that Stand the Test of Time

Modern weddings are changing. People are increasingly abandoning certain traditions and putting their own touches to their ceremonies and functions. And why not? There are no hard and fast rules about this sort of thing. However certain elements of an engagement and wedding are timeless. If a formula is a winning one there's no need to change it for the sake of it. If it it isn't broken then why fix it? as the old saying goes.

Engagement rings really matter. It's a beautiful gesture and not one to be taken lightly. Diamonds fit this gesture so perfectly. Two people wanting to make this lifelong commitment is perfectly encapsulated by the timeless nature of these most beautiful and long lasting precious stones. There really is no way of going wrong with diamonds!

Jewellers stock amazing selections of diamond engagement rings. These might be cutting edge and contemporary designs or vintage and antique. Either way there's usually something that appeals. However, for the discerning or hard to please off the shelf isn't the only option. Increasingly it's possible to design and create a completely custom ring. It's a big decision to make and a lot of money to spend, so why not have something that's absolutely one hundred percent right?

A good jeweller has certified loose diamonds in stock. They can take these diamonds and turn them into custom engagement rings based on the customer's design. Creating something truly special and unique in the process. Creating a custom ring takes some of the surprise element away, but that's increasingly common these days. Couples shop together to find that perfect ring, rather than opting for the element of surprise and running the risk of something that might not be entirely right and to her taste.

Marlows Diamonds are one of the leading diamond jewellers in the UK. These guys know their craft. They stock jewellery and loose stones as well, so whether people want to shop for finished products or create their own jewellery designs they can help. Their service and stock isn't just confined to engagement rings. They have pendants, necklaces, wedding rings, in fact everything a customer could imagine.

The team at Marlows appreciate just what this jewellery means to people. Their craftsmen can take an idea and a design and turn it into a magical piece of jewellery that will take the customer's breath away. No matter the occasion or what kind of diamond gift is required they can help.

All the stones used by Marlows have been ethically sourced. They are chosen for their quality, purity and cut. These are stones that are guaranteed to dazzle. Marlows have decades of experience and skill in picking out stones and turning them into high class pieces of jewellery. This is why they have such a well established relationship in the industry.

For grand gestures like engagement and marriage the accompanying jewellery has to be nothing short of perfect. Marlows appreciate and understand this, which is whey they always pull out all the stops to craft the most incredible and dazzling pieces of diamond jewellery.

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