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Exquisite Range of Wed-Fit Wedding & Engagement Rings

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Dec 02, 2022
Exquisite Range of Wed-Fit Wedding & Engagement Rings

Exquisite Range of Wed-Fit Wedding & Engagement Rings

With over 70 years of experience selling engagement & wedding rings, many couples ask us what a wed-fit is and whether it’s the right option for them. 

It is important to find the best wedding rings, especially in this era of social media, where celebrities and influencers thrive on imposing their ideas on the millennial generation and where fashion changes every half an hour. 

We believe that the engagement proposal is a process of commitment which eventually perhaps leads to marriage which requires “his and hers” wedding rings. His wedding ring is mostly simple as he does not already have an engagement ring like her. The pertinent question for the bride-to-be is whether she wants her future wedding ring to sit snugly next to her existing engagement ring. The answer is easier if the couple shops for the engagement ring together when both come in store and our experienced staff can run through all options with them. The problem gets tricky when he is shopping for a surprise proposal which accounts for around 65% of engagement ring purchases.

Our position on the matter is very clear. Most of our engagement ring designs are wed fit as standard. We do not consider an engagement ring as fashion or dress jewellery worn for the evening. The purchase needs to be practical, and a long-term plan has to be given priority when purchasing an engagement ring, as it is the building block for your future. The height width and all other design issues are secondary. When our CAD designers make new designs, the only priority is that the design must be wed fit. They work around the wed fit to solve issues like the height of the setting, width of the band and overall style of the ring.

Exquisite Range of Wed-Fit Wedding & Engagement Rings

The wed fit version The Non-wed fit version

Some customers may override this basic principle and wish the engagement ring to be an extremely low set whereby the future wedding ring sits at a distance from the engagement ring, as above, right? Of course, we will cater to this choice as we also believe our customers know best. Our 10-member CAD team will make a bespoke design on such occasions. Sometimes the bride will wear her wedding ring on a different finger or the other hand; hence the lower set engagement ring makes perfect sense.

Whatever your plans and expectations, the Marlows team are here to help you. Please visit our stores in London or Birmingham to discuss your plans, and we will give sound advice while listening to your preferences.

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