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Follow both head and your heart when choosing wedding rings

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Follow both head and your heart when choosing wedding rings

Much like marriages themselves, wedding rings should represent a balance of the head and the heart. There are lots of practical issues you'll need to think about when you're selecting this jewellery, but it's important that you fall in love with the items you get too.

As long as you think carefully about the products available and make sure you have a look a wide range of options, you should end up with the ideal solution.


If you've been planning your wedding for a while, you might be sick of the word budget. Nuptial celebrations don't come cheap these days and you may constantly be costing things out and having to make compromises to ensure your big day can actually take place. However, when it comes to designer wedding rings it's really important to set a realistic spending limit. There's no point in spending so much on these items that you can't afford other elements of the event.

That said, these items should perfectly match your tastes. Your rings will be one of the few things you buy for your big day that you and your partner will actually get to keep and they're the physical symbol of your love for one another.

Here at Marlow's we offer so many fabulous products in a range of price brackets, meaning whatever your budget you should be able to find something ideal.

Your jewellery collection

Another practical issue you ought to bear in mind when you're on the hunt for wedding rings is the jewellery you already own. Ideally, the ring you receive when you exchange vows should complement your engagement ring and the other items in your collection.

For example, if you tend to opt for yellow gold jewellery, it may be sensible to go for a yellow gold designer wedding ring too.


It's also worth paying attention to durability. For example, 18 carat gold is very popular because it balances a purity of around 75 per cent with longevity. On the other hand, a higher carat ring will be purer but, by the same token, it is more likely to bend over time.


Because you'll be wearing your ring all the time, it's important that it feels comfy on your hand. You might want to bear this in mind when you're perusing the available styles. A ring that suits the shape of your finger and is easy to put on will be much more pleasant to wear than something that pinches your skin.

Of course, size is also crucial here. Make sure you know exactly how big the item should be.

Start looking ASAP

Because there are so many things to think about when you're looking for wedding rings and such a wide choice of products, it's important to give yourself enough time to make the best possible decision. Whenever you and your partner have a spare few moments, you can take the opportunity to sit down and peruse your options. Over time, you should find versions that you're both happy with.

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