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How to begin planning your wedding

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
How to begin planning your wedding

You're engaged, congratulations! You can now looking forward to a wedding ceremony that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Weddings are huge events, and as such it takes a lot of planning to get things exactly the way you want them. From location to budget and guest lists, there are plenty of different options to think about, and it can all leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. However there's nothing to fear, as Marlow's Diamonds is here to give you some tips on how to begin planning you amazing wedding.

Get a range of dates together

Everybody will be asking about your wedding date, but an exact one can be hard to pin down at early stages. Your wedding date will depend on an array of different things including booking your venue. Try to get a range of dates together that will work well for both you and your partner. Think about the season you'd prefer to get married in, and if there are any family events or major holidays you'd like to avoid. If you can't get your dream summer wedding this year don't be afraid to defer the date by a year.

Pick the location and the style

What kind of vibe do you want from your wedding? Do you picture yourself in a church, on a beach or in a garden? There are a whole host of different possibilities, and it's worth taking the time to come to the perfect decision for you. Also, the size of the venue will dictate how many people you can invite. Do you want it big, by inviting everyone you've ever spoken to, or small and intimate with just family members and a few friends? Are you opting for a classic style, or something more modern? Are you planning on maybe even going vintage? It's a good idea to check out magazines to gather inspiration.

Make a guest list

There are a number of factors to consider when making your guest list, and you'll have to figure out how many people you can squeeze in. Do you want to have a lot of quality one to one time with each guest, or would you rather throw a huge party where everyone is invited? More guests will mean higher prices, which leads on to the next point.

Set your budget

Sit down both your family and your partner's family so that you can figure out how much everyone is contributing. When you come to a final number you will be able to set the budget, and it's important to stick to this number and not go too far overboard.

Get your wedding party in order

You should try and get your groomsmen and bridesmaids sorted as soon as possible, figuring out who you want and asking if they're available. Inform everyone about your plans and remember to thank them, they'll be spending a lot of time and money helping you out with your big day!

Insure the engagement ring

Engagement ring insurance will give you peace of mind, and even if you're the most careful person in the world it's well worth having. You can get insured through a company that specialises in jewellery insurance or have it as an extension of your homeowner's policy, both of which will reimburse you a set amount of cash should you lose the ring.

Book your priority vendors

If you want to have a particular band play at your wedding reception or if you absolutely need a specialist photographer there who can capture your day in its full glory, you really need to get these booked as soon as possible. Once they've been booked by other people they're gone for good, which means you could be scrambling around for replacements at the last minute. It's always recommended that you sort things like this out as early as you can.

These should be your top priorities when planning your wedding, and the sooner you sort everything out the better it will be for everyone. Of course, another massive area of importance is the wedding ring, and at Marlow's Diamonds you'll be able to find a huge range of high quality wedding rings that can cater to a variety of tastes.

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