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How to choose the right diamond shape

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
How to choose the right diamond shape

Going out looking for a diamond engagement ring can be an extremely daunting process, especially if it is for someone who would like the ring to be perfect. Any why not? One has to wear it through their life. If one falls in love with a round diamond, life becomes easier as all you have to choose is the weight, colour, clarity, certification, measurements and work within your budget, “relatively” a simple process. What if she wants a different shape which may suit her better? Diamonds can be square like princess and asscher cuts, long like pear, emerald, marquise or oval, but some shapes can be square or elongated like cushion or radiant cuts. And then you have the heart shape with its own classy shape.

With all these parameters to work around, sometimes one has to do extreme research to come to a conclusion on the right diamond shape. We advise as follows

If you wish to have a square diamond, work with princess, cushion or Square Emerald (Asscher) cut only, bearing in mind these have a ratio of no more than 1.05, making is square. The ratio of fancy shape diamonds is the first measurement divided by the second measurement. Below example on GIA, the ratio is 5.55/5.48 = 1.012, which is perfectly square.


If you opt for a pear shape look, the best ratio to opt for is 1.5-1.6. In example below, the ratio is 1.56 (8.69/5.57), perfect..


In the same way, an ideal ratio for Emerald cuts are 1.3-1.4, marquises are between 1.9-2.1 as in example below (2.08)


As far as cushion and radiants go, the choice gets very personal as there is no right or wrong ratio, if you are looking for a longer shape, opt for a ratio of 1.2-1.3, for a square look, opt for between 1.02-1.10

These are some examples of ratios, what about depth, table, pavilion so on and so forth for some overzealous purchasers. How do you measure depth and table and should both be looked at in conjunction? Come talk to us and we will guide you. The point to make here is the main consideration should be given to the depth of the diamond as the deeper the diamond, the less of it you have to see from the top. Ideal examples of round diamonds should have a depth of around 60-63%, princess and asscher cuts to have 68-72%, radiants, emerald, and cushions to be around 65-68%, marquises, ovals hearts, and pears to be around 59-63%. Generally square diamonds should be deeper than other fancy shapes or rounds to sparkle more and hence they are cheaper as well. We advise you not to get into too much detail as one will never be able to make a purchase as marketing companies will try and upsell diamonds without providing value for money, which is what Marlow’s specialize in. Value for money, as cash, is always hard earned.

In simple words, eventually, follow your heart. If you wish to become a semi-pro, come in and talk to us or call us on 0121-2364415. Happy hunting.

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