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Tips on how to maintain your engagement & wedding rings

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Tips on how to maintain your engagement & wedding rings

After months and sometimes years of searching, you finally find the one you have been looking for a long time. No, not your life partner, but the engagement ring that will be adorning your finger for a lifetime. Why did you buy the particular ring? You must have felt that it is different, has an edge over the others and most importantly, it is something you liked. So, don’t you think your special ring deserves to be taken care of? Don’t you think it should continue sparkling and shining bright always? Well, you can save your beloved ring from nicking, chipping or losing its charm, if you remove it while doing these five things:

  • In the gym or playing sport

Jewellery made from diamonds, platinum and gold are usually very delicate and cannot withstand the pressure put on it. The shape of the ring is likely to get changed when it comes under any sort of pressure and when you do exercises with various machines or play any sport, you might just accidentally damage your little ring. So, while you are making efforts to change the shape of your body, make sure your ring doesn’t change its.

  • Moisturiser

While your body may love the smooth feel that the moisturisers give it, but the same is not so true for your ring, which may turn dull over time and lose its brilliance on coming in contact with lotions or moisturisers.

  • Cleaning, cooking or primping

Your ring is prone to the build-up of grime, chances of which are high while you do your household chores, take a shower or use cosmetics, hair sprays, perfumes, etc. So, if you want to avoid that grime from forming, take off your ring when you are doing any of the above mentioned work.

  • Swimming

Don’t risk wearing your ring in the ocean or in the pool, why, you ask? Well, firstly because the fingers shrink when in cold water and hence chances are that your engagement ring might just get loosened and leave its grip over your finger and come out to disappear during a swim. Secondly, chlorine is present in the pool water, which may damage or discolour the metal of your ring’s band.

  • Gardening

Mud may settle down in every corner of your ring’s claw, hence remember to take out your ring when you are involved in any gardening activity.

  • Though, following the above rules is important, what is equally important is safekeeping the ring. Yes! After you have taken off your ring, make sure you have the right place for keeping it. It’s ideal to have a separate box, pouch or jewellery compartment for something as precious as an engagement ring. Separate safekeeping will ensure that your jewellery is not getting rubbed or scratched with the other pieces of jewellery, which will keep it in good condition for forever.
  • Insure your ring and use a reputable insurance company, usually your household insurance provider will be able to help and should be the first port of call.

You never know what could happen to your irreplaceable ring, so, it’s better to get it insured just in case. You can swoon over your pretty engagement ring for your entire life by keeping it in good condition always. Follow these easy tips and let others feel jealous of the brilliance of your ring.

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