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Variety Of Multi-Stone Ring Settings Explained

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Variety Of Multi-Stone Ring Settings Explained

Selecting an engagement ring can be really overwhelming and with so many options available in  stores, and people around you throwing jargon such as: halo, emerald, prong, princess cut, pave, channel etc., it’s easy to feel confused and indecisive. So, how do you begin the process of selecting a ring that your partner (and you) will love forever?

So, we have prepared a list of different diamond settings for those who are enticed by multi-stone diamond rings. Whether you are buying an engagement ring or making your first diamond ring purchase for a loved one, this guide will hopefully help you with your selection.

Channel Setting:

Channel setting is the classic way to set small diamonds or any other gemstones in a row on the entire (or partial) within the band of the ring. You can choose to have a large centre stone or a different small stone of the same size, making the entire metal look sparkling with the channel of stones.

Pros of Channel Setting:

  • More sparkle in the ring with a row of side stones
  • A sharp design is maintained along with stability
  • Does not tend to catch on clothing or other material
  • Centre stone is secured and supported properly

Cons of Channel Setting:

  • Takes time and effort to clean up
  • Resizing and repairing it can be quite challenging
  • Stones within the channel can get hidden behind the finger

Pavé Setting

The name, pronounced as “pa-vay”, actually means “to pave”, implying paved with diamonds. Lots of small diamonds are closely set with minimal or no visibility of the metal that hold those stones in place. This setting is alternatively named as bead setting.

Pros of Pavé Setting:

  • Magnifies the shine and overall beauty of a ring with side stones
  • Can highlight the centre stone more graciously
  • Brings extra sparkle to the less sparkly centre stone
  • Designs are available in both vintage and modern styles

Cons of Pavé Setting:

  • Difficult to resize, especially if the stones are paved around the entire band
  • Risk of losing side stones

Halo Setting:

In this setting, the smaller diamonds are placed around the centre stone so that they encircle it completely. This is a great option if you do not want a huge centre stone but still want to enhance the overall look and sparkle of thering.

Pros of Halo Setting:

  • Secure centre stone
  • Enhances the sparkle size of a low carat centre stone
  • Can be designed with a variety of diamond shapes as the centre stone
  • Can be designed with a contrasting coloured stone in the centre

Cons of Halo Setting:

  • Risk of side stones becoming lose
  • Resizing can be difficult

Want to Pick the Perfect Setting?

The setting you choose also influences the wedding band you will choose, so it is also always a good idea to ask to try a suitable wedding band at your point of purchase.

If you are settled on a particular setting or need any help in reaching a decision, Marlow's Diamonds will be happy to assist you in picking the right stone among various multi-stone diamond rings.

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