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Not Keen On Your Diamond Engagement Ring? This Is What You Can Do

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Not Keen On Your Diamond Engagement Ring? This Is What You Can Do

So, before the big question was delivered, you probably communicated your preferred style of diamond engagement ring along with clues regarding the type of proposal you’ve always romanticised about. However, your fiancé has only taken note of the latter and their lack of consideration has left you feeling rather blue.

Not only is this a tricky situation for you, but it could also be extremely saddening for your partner, who is most likely pleased with their choice. On top of this, such news could result in damaging implications for your relationship going forward. Therefore, your feelings towards your diamond engagement ring must be expressed in a certain way and at a convenient time.

When to tell your partner that you don’t like your diamond engagement ring?

Location is also an important factor to consider. Is it a good idea to tell your partner that you don’t like your engagement ring in a room full of people? Even if they are close friends and family? Absolutely not. Due to this being such a sensitive issue, the news should be delivered in a private and familiar place.

Although it might seem like a good idea, we recommend that you refrain from telling your partner about the engagement ring whilst you’re enjoying a romantic day or evening out, or a long-awaited holiday. Doing so could create an incredibly embarrassing situation for both you and your partner. With that said, you shouldn’t bottle up your emotions either, especially when they concern something as important as your engagement ring. Therefore, to get the issue resolved as quickly and seamlessly as possible, you should open up to your partner about your diamond engagement ring at the first opportunity.


How to tell your partner about your diamond engagement ring?

The time and location is right, but how do you break the news about your diamond engagement ring? Good question. Without wanting to sound too pessimistic about the situation, we recommend that you let your partner down lightly and, more importantly, prepare for a negative reaction. Although you may think otherwise, your partner will probably feel like they’ve put a lot of time, effort and money into choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring for you. So, unsurprisingly, this news is bound to come as a bit of a shock.

To suppress the element of surprise, we advise that you express your feelings in a calm and collected manner, explaining your reasons for dislike slowly and clearly. You may be angry, but now is not the time to unleash your frustrations.


Suggest alternative diamond engagement rings

A good way of approaching this unwanted dilemma is to research the style of diamond engagement ring that you’re looking for and then make notes on the rings that take your eye. When shopping for diamond engagement rings, it’s important to observe details such as the type of the ring that is best suited to you and your finger, as well as the cut and colour of the diamond.

For example, your partner may have selected an oval engagement ring for you, but you now know that this style of engagement ring is better suited for people that have shorter fingers. Therefore, princess cut engagement rings are a more suitable match for your finger type. On the other hand, your fiancé might have picked a green diamond engagement ring for you, but a blue diamond engagement ring would have been a more preferable choice because this colour holds a sentimental value for you.

After conducting some research, you should have a clear understanding of the exact diamond engagement ring that you want. Not only will this make your disclosure much easier, but it will also help your partner to rationalise your reasons for wanting a new engagement ring. On top of this, if you both decide that the best solution is to purchase a brand new diamond engagement ring, you’ll be able to pick the right one with ease.

Additionally, you could also suggest a remodelling of your ring. This will allow you to keep elements of the engagement ring that your partner has given you, but change specific details like the cut of the diamond. Although this may not achieve your desired outcome, it may be a less bitter pill to swallow for your fiancé. However, if you’re too worried about hurting your partner’s feelings, you could keep your diamond engagement ring and embrace the choice that your loved one has made.


Not keen on your diamond engagement ring This is what you can do

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