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Princess Cut Engagement Rings – Celebrities’ Choice

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Princess Cut Engagement Rings – Celebrities’ Choice

When we talk about engagement rings and their specifications, princess cut engagement rings are the most famous and timeless shapes apart from round cut diamond rings. In fact, approximately 30% of the engagement rings have a princess cut diamond setting, only after round cut diamond which is used in 50% of the engagement rings.

Initially named as profile cut, princess cut diamond was first introduced by Arpad Nagy in 1960s. It is a rectangle or square cut, depending on the shape of the original stone, when viewed from above and it looks like an inverted pyramid when seen from the sides.

Indeed, many of the celebrities also prefer this modern cut of an eternal diamond cut, but before we talk about some of the most loved and inspirational famous princess cut diamond rings worn by famous women, let’s talk about some of the pros of choosing this cut.

1.Value for Money
Though princess cut diamonds are at par with the round shaped stones in terms of grace and luminosity, they are customarily cheaper than the latter. This is because of the shape of the cut. As the original diamond is mostly rectangle or square shaped, a manufacturer can utilize more of it and create more than one princess cuts from one rough stone.

2.Appears Bigger
A princess cut diamond creates an illusion of being bigger than a round cut of a similar carat. This is because a square or rectangle shape has almost 15% more diameter than round shape when measured at the corners. However, it can appear smaller if it is not cut efficiently and the light does not reflect off it the way it should.

3.Conceal Flaws
Due to its many facets and ability to disperse light throughout the stone, the princess cut is one of the most forgiving shapes that can look perfect even if it gets flawed because of wear and tear or manufacturing. It means that you can go for a few grades lower color or clarity and you will still have a stunning ring.

The pros stated above have made the princess cut a choice of many celebrities. We have picked a few show stopper engagement rings that made big headlines.

Meghan Markle

Her trilogy princess cut diamond ring made as many headlines as her wedding to Prince Harry. Set in a yellow gold band, the ring features three diamonds, two of which are taken from the personal collection of late Princess Diana.

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd

The stunning engagement ring of the legendary television personality/comedian features a 3-carat centre stone in princess cut with diamonds set on the platinum band. You can also go for a similar ring in a plain platinum band.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff

The famous singer and actress made it to the headlines when she was presented with a 13-carat princess cut engagement ring by her former husband and hockey player, Mike Comrie. The ring also features two smaller accent diamonds, adding to its spark.

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