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Round Brilliant Diamonds are Perfect for Engagement Rings

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022
Round Brilliant Diamonds are Perfect for Engagement Rings

If you are seeking to get the perfect diamond engagement rings, whether you are choosing the item with your partner or are buying it as a surprise, you no doubt want to get the very best around. After all, these precious objects are the symbol of your love for one another and are intended to last for a lifetime. The great news is, there are many different versions for you to peruse, meaning you should not struggle to find the ideal one for you.

Here at Marlows Certified Diamonds, we stock a plethora of diamond rings and among the most popular are round brilliants. As their name suggests, these items are particularly renowned for their gleaming beauty and it is no surprise they are such a hit among consumers across the world.

Among the great examples of such diamonds are those held in our four claw tiffany settings. For example, you can purchase versions that have been turned 45 degrees so that the claws match the points of the compass. This look may well appeal to you and it has the added advantage of elongating the finger, adding elegance and class.

If you do opt to get diamond engagement rings featuring round brilliants, you are joining a great tradition. Indeed, the majority of diamonds found in engagement rings are of this particular kind. Of course, they are also popular in earrings, pendants and so on.

According to many sources, round brilliants account for over three-quarters of diamonds sold today, meaning you are by no means the only one to favour this intricate, sparkling design.

Gems of this nature feature 58 facets, or aspects. On the upper part of the stones, also known as the crown, these consist of one table facet, eight bezel facets, 8 star facets and 16 upper girdle facets, making a total of 33. Meanwhile, on the underside of the gems, also known as the pavilion, there are 16 lower girdle facets, eight pavilion main facets and one cutlet.

The early modern Tolkowsky brilliant cut was officially recognised when Marcel Tolkowsky published a book entitled Diamond Design in 1919. This tome described the best proportions for round brilliants and included details such as how to achieve the best balance of returned light and dispersion.

However, the type of round brilliant you see on today's diamond rings differ from this model in a number of ways. For example, in today's round cuts, the table size range is bigger and the lower girdle facets are considerably deeper.

Meanwhile, one of the reasons why round brilliants tend to be more expensive than other cuts, apart from the laws of supply and demand, stems from the fact that more of the mass of rough diamonds tends to be lost when shaping them compared with many other gems.

Of course, there are many other diamond cuts to choose from when you are seeking the ideal piece of jewellery, but like many people, you may well opt for round brilliants. There is something truly magical about them.

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