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Secrets for Throwing a Fun Wedding Reception

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Secrets for Throwing a Fun Wedding Reception

A wedding can be seen as a time to be nervous, as you and your partner worry about every tiny detail that could go wrong on your big day. However it doesn’t have to be so scary, and in the end you can throw a massive party to celebrate. Some people can feel lost when it comes to sprucing up their wedding reception, so here are a few tips for making your after party one that will be talked about for years to come.

Invest in an interactive food station

Rather than pick out the food for your guests beforehand, you can try to add a bit of interactivity by investing in a food station. With a dedicated pasta bar or grilled cheese station, guests will get to choose their own toppings and sauces, and it’ll make a great topic of conversation.

Plan a surprise

Wedding receptions can often be pretty standard, but you could surprise your guests by planning something out of the ordinary. This could be some form of entertainment like a mariachi band, or even a salsa dancer to really change things up. Your guests will love the unpredictability of your party.

Add a lounge to the reception

A lot of weddings will have guests sitting around the same dinner tables all night, but a change of environment can work wonders. By placing chairs, couches and other pieces of furniture away from the dance floor you'll be promoting conversation and helping to keep your non-dancing guests entertained.

Set the tone with your first dance

This is the moment when all eyes will be on you, as you take to the dance floor with your partner for that all important first dance. A lot of couples tend to play it safe with the first dance by playing something traditional, but you can set the tone by switching to something a bit faster halfway through. Changing the tone with a jazzy swing step or fun Latin dance will shock guests and set things up for a lively party.

Make sure the toasts are short

The toast can offer a great moment for friends and loved ones to wish you the best in your marriage. However there's also a big danger of them dragging on, leaving it difficult for the other guests to keep their eyes open before the party has even started. It's important to let your toasters know that it's best to keep things brief, maybe with a time limit or two or three minutes. If they want to share any emotional or funny stories then they work much better at a rehearsal dinner.

Keep the kids entertained

It can be easy to forget about the kids and just concentrate on the adults, but if the little ones are restless then your whole party is going to know about it. To keep them entertained throughout the evening you can set up an area specifically for them. This room could have movies ready for them to watch, or designated tables for crafts and toys. Just be sure to hire a babysitter or two who will be able to look after everyone!

These tips should help your wedding reception to remain fun and entertaining all night long. Your guests will be surprised by the different things you can pull off, and it could end up being a party they talk about for years to come. Of course, one of the most important parts of a wedding is having gorgeous rings that can be cherished forever. Marlow's Diamonds specialises in beautiful wedding rings, so take a look at our selection today.

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