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Solitaire, Multi-Stone, Which Ring Should You Choose

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Solitaire, Multi-Stone, Which Ring Should You Choose

Narrowing in on an engagement ring is difficult, and specially when you not only have a lot of options to choose from but also have to decide between a single stone diamond engagement ring (also known as solitaire ring) and a multi stone diamond ring. Both the types have their own value and since the ring will adorn your finger for the rest of the life, you should take time in deciding the one you want to buy. Before arriving at any conclusion, you should understand each type, but more than that you should know your choice, your style, what pleases you and what doesn’t, and most importantly… are you somebody who is inclined more towards sparkle or somebody who wants to keep everything simple.

Some Halo designs are shown above

When you have finally decided about your choice of ring, you can simply opt to see more of such rings, so as to choose the best one out of many. And because there are N number of styles available for each kind of ring, so it will be better to have a second opinion before making your big investment which is why take somebody along with you when buying your engagement ring. Your jeweller can also help you in finding the ring that suits your taste and your finger alike.

Before you visit a jewellery store or a website to check the collection, be clear about the two styles talked above. Below, we have also briefed about the two:

Single Stone Diamond Engagement Ring:

The entire ring has only one diamond, the carat weight of which impacts the overall cost of the ring. The visibility of the diamond depends on the type of setting, for a diamond set in four-prong setting the visibility is more while the one in six-prong setting the visibility is less but it is more secure.

Multi-Stone Diamond Ring

When you want to see more sparkles for your entire life, you should go for a ring that houses more diamonds/stones. This kind of ring will either have a number of smaller diamonds and no big diamond or a single big diamond encompassed by several smaller ones. You can see a lot of variety in this style, but the best and the most common example of this is the trilogy diamond ring that has 3 diamonds. The trilogy has been the favourite of people since long, you can also give it a thought.

Be in single stone or multi stone diamond ring, in the end, it’s your taste that should dominate the kind of ring you want to buy. While some may fall for a single stone, others may find multi stone attractive. Explore the internet and see for yourself what allures you and then purchase the one you like.

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