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Taking Care of Your Diamond Engagement Ring 101

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Taking Care of Your Diamond Engagement Ring 101

Once you are the proud owner of your very own diamond engagement ring, you may be wondering how on earth to take care of it. It's likely that a significant amount of your partner's money has gone into buying you an engagement ring that your truly adore. The last thing you want is to leave your diamond ring damaged or broken because you weren't sure how best to take care of it. Here at Marlow's Diamonds, we have collected our top five tips for taking care of your diamond engagement ring.

Get insurance

If you're partner hasn't already, it's really important that you add your diamond engagement ring to your insurance policy. Having your ring lost, stolen or damaged before you have got round to insuring can be an incredibly distressing experience. So don't hesitate, get your ring insured almost as soon as it's on your finger.

Keep it on

One of the most common causes for ring loss is when wearers have taken off their diamond engagement ring in public. It can be tempting to take off your ring in a public restroom in order to lather up your hands, or to pass it around at a restaurant table for your friends to admire. The chances that you will leave you ring on the side of a sink, drop it down a drain, lose it down a floorboard crack or drop it in the gutter are just far too high. It's best to just completely avoid taking your ring off unless you are at home.

Give it a clean

If you want the best natural sparkle from your diamond ring, it's imperative that you clean it regularly. We cannot emphasise enough how important cleaning is, but it's also important to be careful how you clean your diamond ring. Avoid using unnecessarily harsh chemicals and rough cleaning implements. A soft bristled tooth brush is usually recommended and your jeweller will be able to recommend a cleaning solution to you.

Avoid wear and tear

Diamond is one of the word's hardest natural materials, but unfortunately this doesn't mean that your diamond engagement ring cannot chip. It is common for the table of a cut diamond to be susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, it's best to avoid wearing your ring if you know your hands will be coming into contact with hard surfaces. If you have a hands-on job role that requires lots of lifting, or if you are doing any DIY, we recommend storing your ring in a safe place where it won't get knocked.

Schedule maintenance appointments

You may feel more confident leaving the maintenance of your ring to the hands of a qualified jeweller. An expert jeweller will be able to make sure the prongs on your diamond are not too tight, or too lose. They will also be able to check that there are no hairline cracks in the shank. For the maintenance matters that you may not remember on a regular basis, leave your diamond ring in the hands of a trusted jeweller.

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