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The Diamond Challenge

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
The Diamond Challenge

Have you done all the research you can? Are you ready to buy the right diamond for that someone special? 100% sure you have made the right choice of diamond certificate? Have you decided on the correct choice of engagement ring style that will suit her best? Going through countless websites providing “free” advice on the best step forward? Still not sure? Come to Marlow's. The best way of clearing your mind of clutter and confusion is a visit to us in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham.

Day in day out, our dedicated team help consumers understand what they are buying and what they have been offered elsewhere. Prospective grooms come in with budgets and prices for diamonds and prospective brides come in with dreams of the finest quality for life. Specialist staff at Marlow's do the best to match the two resulting in happy couples leaving the store with their ideal dream ring at the ideal price.

Diamond buying can be confusing, tiring and stomach churning as you are parting with hard earned cash on something which will build a dream for two people in love. The right choice is extremely important. Dealers and shops all over the UK and abroad will aim to sell you diamonds which do not live up to expectations. We suggest even if you do decide to purchase a diamond with a non GIA, HRD or IGI certificate, specially unrecognised “shop certificates” like the DMGG (Vashi) or DF (Diamonds Factory) certificates, contact the Birmingham Assay Office to get the diamond jewellery re-tested to make sure the supplier has sold you the item as described. For a small fee, you will at least have some peace of mind. This will avoid disappointment when and if you decide to part with the item as a couple recently found on the ongoing Channel 4 series Posh Pawnbrokers. A 3 carat diamond purchased for £12,000 was worth £2,500.

Then you have the choice of diamond shape and ring style to contend with. Even though many prefer round brilliant cut diamonds, other shapes like the princess and emerald have grown to be even popular in recent times. The shape of your hand and fingers will dictate which diamond shape will suit you. The same goes with ring styles such as classic solitaire four claw, six claw, shoulder set, fancy sides or halo style settings. All of this needs proper consultation and guidance from an expert at Marlow's.

If you have any questions about purchasing diamonds, please feel free to contact a member of our team here at Marlow's Diamonds today.

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