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The Right Time to Buy an Eternity Ring

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022
The Right Time to Buy an Eternity Ring

There is often a debate about when to purchase an eternity ring for your partner, and this may discourage many men from buying a ring in case they are giving it to their soul mate at the wrong time.

Marlows The Diamond Jewellery Specialist Here at Marlows we are a diamond and jewellery specialist, so you can rest assured that you can trust our advice when it comes to eternity rings, diamond engagement rings and loose diamonds. We are committed to providing our customers with the most informative information to help them make an informed decision regarding their jewellery purchase.

There are No Rules When it comes to eternity rings, there are no rules. While many people believe that you should buy an eternity ring on the birth of your first child or on your fortieth wedding anniversary, you can opt to purchase a ring at any point in your relationship.

A Marriage Alternative An eternity ring is a symbol of love and commitment, and is your way of telling your partner that you will be by their side forever. Therefore, if you and your partner have decided that you do not want to marry then you should consider buying an eternity ring, as this will pledge your undying love to them and show them that you are fully committed to your relationship.

Eternity Ring
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Buying an Eternity Ring Following a diamond Wedding Ring? If you are married and are considering purchasing an eternity ring, then you should be sure to purchase a ring which matches your partners wedding ring, as the eternity ring will be placed on the same finger as the wedding ring the third finger on the left hand. Therefore, you should consider the settings, cart, colour and style of ring and opt for a ring that is complementary.

Stunning Eternity Rings Whatever your reasons for buying a diamond eternity ring, you can rest assured that your partner is sure to love the romantic gesture. At Marlows, we offer a stunning selection of some of the most beautiful eternity rings on the market. Whether you are looking for round brilliant-cut diamond eternity bands, prinicess cut diamond rings or full round brilliant-cut diamond rings, you are sure to find the ideal ring to match your partners taste and style.

Variety of Eternity Ring Styles We can provide you with diamond eternity rings, white gold rings and gold eternity rings in a variety of styles and settings, so you should be sure to thoroughly browse our collections to find the ideal ring. We also offer rings for a range of budgets, so whether you are limited to a set amount of money or are looking for a high end ring, you are sure to find the perfect jewellery piece for your price frame. So be sure to browse our extensive collections today and show your undying love for your soul mate.
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