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Cushion Shape Diamonds: The Truth

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Cushion Shape Diamonds: The Truth

A cushion shape diamond is the preferred shape for celebrities and savvy consumers. In between a traditional round shape and the square princess cut, this shape is one of the largest selling fancy shape stones at large diamond firms and made ever so popular by marketing campaigns at Tiffany, specially called the “Tiffany Cushions”.

As round brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive shape to cut and polish from rough, consumers sometimes prefer opting for fancy shape diamonds which retain a higher percentage of the original rough diamond, hence cheaper. When the preference is BETWEEN a round and square diamond, the best option is to go for cushion shapes as they retain the characteristics of the round diamond with curved edges and the square look of the princess cut.

The biggest hurdle is choosing the right cushion shape. More than 99% of cushion shape diamonds are polished as GIA graded cushion MODIFIED brilliants (image on left below, diamond “empty” in middle), meaning the polisher has tried to make the cushion like a brilliant but not succeeded completely. These stones will generally reflect much less light than the preferred GIA graded CUSHION BRILLIANT (image on right below, full of life), which reflects maximum light through the surface and really looks as near as possible like the round brilliant cut. The light reflection is similar to the antique Edwardian cut diamond which was one of the most beautifully polished diamonds of the period. Comparatively speaking, the Cushion Brilliant is the Hearts and Arrows of the cushion shape diamond world.

As usual, Marlow’s being a cut above the rest and a specialist of stocking Hearts and Arrows diamonds, we stock the 1% Cushion Brilliant shapes for our clever consumers. Our specialist polishers leave no stone unturned (pun intended) into making the perfect cushions reflecting the perfect light so that our cushion shapes can be cherished for generations. Do come in store to discuss your preferred options and our educated staff will guide you through effortlessly.

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