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Times When It’s Best to Remove Your Engagement Ring

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Times When It’s Best to Remove Your Engagement Ring

It’s definitely tempting to have the engagement ring on all the time and let’s admit you can never get enough of seeing it on your finger. However, there are some situations when it is best to go without your GIA certified diamond ring because they might damage your stone.

Here are a few such scenarios that you need to look out for.

1. Water Sports
River rafting, swimming, boating, sailing, kayaking and all the other activities that require you to spend time in water makes your hands shrink and contract a bit. So, while you are having fun in the waters, your ring could slip out of your fingers.

2. Gardening
Well, we have two reasons why you should absolutely not wear your engagement ring while you are working in your garden – you do not want to ruin your ring with dirt getting in the small crevices and if the ring will slip out for your hands, you will have to dig the entire garden to find it.

3. Cleaning
We all have tons of household chores to do – be it doing dishes, organizing wardrobe, assembling that new IKEA cabinet over the weekend or clearing garbage. Now you don’t want your precious ring to end up in the garbage or get smashed against the furniture accidentally.

4. Sleeping
The experts believe that your diamond ring reshapes itself with the weight of your body and subsequently, the stones get loose as time goes by. So, why not avoid yourself the nightmare of getting it fixed leave it on the nightstand before you go to bed.

5.Working Out
Except for when you are going for a walk or jog, it is best to take off your ring before you head out to lift those heavyweights. After all, you don’t want those dumbbells to make contact with your precious stones or bend your band with the weight.

6. Sticky Foods
Whether you are planning to bake a cake for Christmas or working around with sticky food such as syrups, you don’t want anything to get stuck in your ring’s cervices or damage any of the stones by mistake.

7. Applying Creams and/or Lotions
Did you know that the lotions that make your skin look so elegant and beautiful are actually harmful to your precious diamond engagement ring? It’s best to avoid the nasty build-ups in your ring or make your stones look lifeless and dull.

8. Using Chemicals
Using chemicals while cleaning products is a common thing after all, but those chemicals can actually take away the shine of your stones – be it diamonds or coloured gemstones. However, if you wear just a band, you can wear gloves instead of taking it off.

Choose Your Diamonds Wisely
Well, the first step to taking care of your diamonds is making sure that you buy a certified one. At Marlow’s Diamonds, we sell GIA certified diamond rings set up in the styles and metals of your choice. To check out our cost-effective portfolio, visit us on the Diamond Engagement Rings page.

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