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Tips for cleaning your jewellery during corona virus outbreak

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Tips for cleaning your jewellery during corona virus outbreak

The ongoing pandemic has changed the way we were living our lives and has brought forth the new-normal. And while everyone has talked about the correct way to wash hands and other surfaces, there has been hardly any advice about the ways to clean jewellery which could serve as the hiding place for germs and also be a carrier for the virus that has got the entire world worried.

Since there are guidelines about the do’s and don’ts for cleaning many surfaces, we wanted to help by highlighting the points that talk about the correct ways for cleaning the jewellery such that it doesn’t gets damaged and you also stay safe while wearing it.

Don’t use a sanitizer

Sanitizers have alcohol content which can tarnish metals, loosen prongs and damage stones. Don’t use sanitizers on gems.


Avoid heavy jewellery

Jewellery with precious and semi-precious stone could be difficult to clean. Some measures of cleaning may cause them more harm than any good; cleaning them vigorously or using wrong methods may damage the delicate settings, colour or texture of the stone or the metal. So, it’s best to keep it minimal with jewellery at home.


Remove your jewels for washing properly

If you are wearing jewellery such as your diamond engagement ring, any bangle/bracelet or any other piece of jewellery, take it off and wash yourself first. Once you are done cleaning every nook and cranny of yourself, you should wash the jewellery before wearing it back.


How to Wash the jewellery

Okay… how to wash the jewellery is probably why you are on this blog. The best way to keep the jewellery clean is by simply using a mild soap with warm water. This is the best that you can do at home. But for jewellery as precious as a GIA certified diamond engagement ring, it is recommended to seek advice from a reputed jeweller who knows how to handle and clean jewellery with care.

We, Marlow’s Diamonds are renowned jeweller who not only sell GIA certified diamond engagement ring but also know how to take good care of it. You can come to us for the cleaning of your jewellery as we are taking all the safety measures to ensure that our products and staff are completely virus-safe. So, while as a precaution for the ongoing pandemic situation, you can simply follow the above mentioned steps and use warm water along with mild soap to clean your jewellery, you can consider coming to us for professional care of your jewellery.

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