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Top 5 Tips for Hiding an Engagement Ring on Your Romantic Holiday

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Top 5 Tips for Hiding an Engagement Ring on Your Romantic Holiday

When you've invested in the perfect engagement ring for your soulmate, you may be considering asking the life-changing question whilst on a romantic holiday. Thousands of people get engaged abroad every year and it's understandable why. You may choose a dramatic sweeping landscape, your favourite secluded location or even the place where you first fell in love. No matter where you ask the question, the one thing you want to make sure is that your engagement ring stays safe and hidden until the time is right. Here at Marlows Diamonds, we know you might be panicking about what to do with your engagement ring while you travel. But never fear, we are here to give you our top five tips for hiding an engagement ring on your romantic holiday.



It's understandable that you may want to leave the original box for your engagement ring behind. After all, this will make the ring easier to hide amongst your luggage or in your pocket. However, this will also make your engagement ring easier to lose and more susceptible to damage. The engagement box is the best tool you have for making sure that the ring is protected. Incorporate hiding the box into your plans and you will be a lot less concerned about the ring getting lost.


All high-quality and respectable jewellers will offer you a gift-wrapping service when purchasing an diamond ring. As beautiful as the wrapping may look, it is better on this occasion to opt for an unwrapped ring box. Wrapped packages are harder to hide, attract more attention and it may also raise issues with security staff at the airport. The airport attendants may have to rip open the wrapping when going through customs, which will be difficult to explain to your future fiancée.


When it comes to actually hiding the box, you really need to try and get creative. Choose a piece of luggage that not only has good security, but also has handy zipped pockets and removable lining. However, if your partner is especially nosey or you are sharing a suitcase there may be a chance that they will go through the pockets. In this case, it's best to wrap the box in a small, unsuspecting item of clothing. Rolling the box up in black socks that are left at the bottom of the bag is always a good choice. If you are going on a romantic skiing vacation, leaving the box in a spare glove or hat is also a good choice.

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When you fill-up the rest of your bag, try to make sure that none of your partner's items is packed in with your own. Encourage having separate bags right from the start and you won't have to worry about unsuspecting hands rummaging through your bags. Try to ensure that the ring is always at the bottom of your luggage, and put all the items that you are likely to use regularly before the proposal on top. The more you move your luggage around, the more likely the ring box will be left on show by accident. If you do have to share luggage, make sure you pack in separate sections and ensure that anything they are likely to need or use is more towards their side than your own.


There may be a number of points where you need to use the art of distraction to throw your partner off the scent, or to stop them seeing a suspicious box-shaped package in your luggage. Airport security may especially be a tense time as airport security may need to go through your bags. The machine workers should be able to tell it is in an engagement ring box. However, if the worst-case scenario does occur and it seems like they are going to get out the box, distract them as soon as possible. Ask them to go ahead and meet you in duty-free or start pointing at something in the opposite direction. Even if you are a terrible liar and your partner can tell something is up, they at least won't have spotted the box, or the stunning ring you have chosen for them!

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