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What’s in a budget?

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
What’s in a budget?

Purchasing an engagement ring can be a long and tiring process. At the outset, some grooms perspire at the thought of proposing, how to handle the actual proposal and what style engagement ring to choose, let alone the shape, size, colour or clarity of the central stone…

At Marlow’s, we understand how difficult it can be so we try to calm nerves and keep it simple. Having years of experience and proposal stories behind us (ranging from absolutely fabulous to not so good), we try and advice young grooms to be, to the best of our ability. Our top tip includes going for a decent ring size if you don’t know her actual finger size. It’s better for the ring to be loose rather than tight so that she can actually get the ring on her finger. We also advice to try and keep to our stock size which is an average M, so that we don’t have to work your ring too many times leaving it prone to damage. It’s well known that the advantage of coming to us is our free lifetime care, clean, sizing and polish to keep your jewellery gleaming as new…but in the same instance we do advise that the more we work on your ring size, the more chances of the smaller diamonds, if any, falling out and you having to come back to repair the ring, which, even though free of cost could be a hassle to some.

The biggest stumbling block for grooms is the question of budget. Most are unaware as to what is an ideal price for an engagement ring. Does size matter? Or quality? Or a bit of both? Generally speaking, all of our staff need to know your budget, even though some grooms don’t actually want to disclose it too readily. Knowing how much you wish to spend will help us direct you to the best value diamond you can get to achieve an overall balance of size, shape, colour and clarity. So unless you have tens of thousands of pounds at your disposal, a sensible budget which nowadays equate to around three months’ income, will help us help you get the best overall diamond for your loved one.

Especially with the confusion which sometimes surrounds diamond pricing in relation to colour and clarity, what you need to know is that diamonds are a commodity and GIA, HRD or IGI as the brand. It’s similar to a car dealer quoting you £15,000 for a brand new zero mileage BMW X1. They do not exist and even if they did, BMW would buy them back, without it going to the general public. What we are trying to get to is that like a branded car, certificated diamonds have a pretty close pricing structure and if someone quotes way off this pricing structure, he’s either lying or there is something wrong somewhere. Hence, what we say is that there is everything in a budget and disclosing the approximate amount you wish to spend will do you good and you will not be conned into buying something which is not what is made out to be.

If you have any questions about purchasing diamonds, please feel free to contact a member of our team here at Marlow’s Diamonds today.

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