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Where Should You Hold Your Wedding?

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Where Should You Hold Your Wedding?

Once the engagement is a success some couples cannot wait to begin preparing for their dream day. It is well-known how much effort goes into planning most weddings and intensive thoughts about where the ceremony will be held can take some considerable time. Such a momentous occasion may prompt people to push the boat out and travel overseas to tie the knot. This is not always necessary, though, due to the wealth of beautiful locations around the UK. Travelling abroad may end up being more expensive; however this can be well worth the expense.

Some people decide that combining their wedding with a honeymoon is a good idea, particularly if the ceremony takes place in a region glittered with beauty and ambience for both events. Some locations across Europe are famed for their romance and with air travel increasingly accessible and affordable, many Brits marry in a foreign country. There is a wide choice of terrific locations on offer, but we have narrowed it down to four possible options if you’re considering marrying abroad.

Sicily, Italy

Southern Italy is blessed with natural beauty thanks to its coastal location by the Mediterranean Sea. A blissful city with sublime architecture mixed with lovely beaches means it offers something for everyone and should suit the wishes of both the bride and groom. Having the opportunity to wed by the sea or in an Italian cathedral should at least come into the discussion. Imagine arriving to the beach by boat and marrying the love of your life on a white sandy beach surrounded by your family and amazing scenery. This is understandably a popular holiday destination and attracts attention from couples eager to experience a special wedding day.


With a glorious summer climate it is no wonder why Cyprus is so popular among European tourists and this beautiful island also has several suitable wedding locations that befit this country's qualities. Similarly to Sicily, there is the appealing option of saying I do on the beach with fantastic photo opportunities, but there are alternatives that are welcomed by visitors. The Elysium Chapel, part of a five-star hotel in Paphos, means a place of perfect peace. This perfectly describes the effect of making a life commitment and with the location helping the hotel being regarded as one of the best eastern Mediterranean hotels it's a superb choice for marrying and then perhaps staying in Cyprus for the honeymoon.

Algarve, Portugal

With the Portuguese government relaxing laws that allow foreign visitors to marry here this presents couples eager for a sun-soaked wedding by the sea to take advantage of what the notoriously popular holiday destination has to offer. Lady of the Rock is a wedding location that simply cannot be ignored. Located on a rocky peninsula with a delightful white chapel beachside it may look like a movie scene, but this is your romantic story away from the cinema. With a long aisleway suitable for a dazzling entrance by the sea, you will feel as though the entire world need to tune in to such an unforgettable ceremony. There is also room for nearly 200 guests so you can accommodate friends and family in Algarve.

Munich, Germany

The capital city of Bavaria sees tourists flock in and out during all seasons of the year and is a unique setting for weddings. Munich is a place with vast culture thanks to its eye-catching castles and the summer wedding venue known as the English Garden. A romantic horse and carriage ride through the garden is available and fans of open green spaces will like their day being based in one of the largest urban parks worldwide.

Wherever you decide to tie the know make sure you are all happy with the wedding rings as this is not just on view on your day, but throughout the rest of your lives. At Marlow's Diamonds we supply a range of beautiful rings, earrings, bracelets and other pieces of jewellery that dazzle just like these four venues.


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