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What Finger Does the Engagement Ring Go On?

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Aug 10, 2023
What Finger Does the Engagement Ring Go On?

A proposal is a momentous occasion in your relationship. It is the step that you take together towards a life of shared love, memories, and milestones. When you ask, “Will you marry me?” and they say “Yes”, you will place the engagement ring on their finger, sealing the magical moment with a symbol of eternal love and unity. 

Before starting the beginning of your beautiful forever, you need to know which finger to place the engagement ring on. While there might be a few differences in tradition for the choice of hand, the ring finger remains consistent. 

In this guide, we cover which finger and hand to place the engagement ring on. 

Which Finger and Hand for the Engagement Ring?

When it comes to which finger for engagement ring, it is always the fourth finger next to the pinkie or little finger. This finger is commonly called the ring finger. 

Whether you place the engagement ring on the left ring finger, or the right ring finger will depend on your cultural norms, traditions, and personal preferences. 

We highlight when to wear an engagement ring on the left or right hand: 

Left Hand

In many predominantly Western societies, the left hand is the conventional choice for wearing an engagement ring. 

This practice is rooted in Ancient Roman belief. The fourth finger on the left hand was thought to house a vein that flowed directly to the heart, called the 'Vena Amoris' or 'Vein of Love'. This romantic concept positions the left ring finger as a potent symbol of love and commitment. 

Right Hand

Some Eastern European and Latin American cultures place the engagement ring on the right hand. 

In Russia, for example, the right hand is seen as the symbol of an oath, making it an appropriate place to wear a ring that signifies a promise of commitment. This practice can be traced back to Orthodox Christian rituals where the right hand is used for taking vows and blessings. 

In Latin American cultures, such as in Brazil, the engagement ring is initially worn on the right hand during the engagement period. During the wedding ceremony, the ring is then switched to the left ring finger, making a symbolic journey from promise to commitment.

Whether it's the left or right hand, the most important element is the commitment the ring signifies. The ring should capture the love you share, and its placement on the finger is a testament to your everlasting bond.

An important thing to consider is choosing a ring to flatter your hand and finger. Choosing the perfect engagement ring should consider the shape and size of your partner’s hands and fingers. This will ensure that the ring suits your partner and radiates your affection. 

Where to Wear Your Wedding Ring

You will also wear your wedding ring on your left or right ring finger. Wedding rings are exchanged during the nuptial ceremony. These rings serve as a tangible representation of the vows and promises you exchange with your partner. 

Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Order

It is traditional for the wedding ring to be worn first, followed by the engagement ring. 

The reason behind this ordering is to keep the wedding ring closest to the heart, symbolising the sacred vows of marriage. The order in which you wear these rings is down to your personal preference.

Wearing Other Rings on Your Ring Finger

In some cultures and traditions, the ring finger is reserved solely for engagement and wedding rings. This is to symbolise the importance of marital commitment. 

How you choose to wear your rings should reflect your style and the symbolism that is most meaningful to you. The decision to wear other rings on your ring finger comes down to personal preference and cultural customs. 

You can wear an eternity ring on your ring finger. If you are curious about what is an eternity ring, they are bands adorned with a continuous line of identically cut diamonds or gemstones. They are usually given on momentous anniversaries or following the birth of a child.

Fashion rings or other symbolic rings can also be worn on the ring finger, especially if they hold personal significance. It is important to be careful wearing multiple rings on the same finger, as this may take attention away from the engagement or wedding rings. 

Start Your Journey to Forever with Marlow’s Diamonds

Selecting the perfect ring for your partner and knowing which finger to place it on is a significant step in your love journey. At Marlow's Diamonds, we understand the importance of this decision and are here to assist in making it a joyous and memorable one. With our extensive collection of exquisite diamond engagement rings, we ensure you will find your perfect symbol of love.

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