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Why Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 07, 2022
Why Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

Diamonds are a form of mineral rock which is originally made from carbon. As coal is also made from carbon, why is it that we treasure diamonds and diamond jewellery so much more? Obviously, there is a huge aesthetic difference between loose diamonds and lumps of coal, with the former looking significantly more attractive than the latter. Some people actually believe that diamonds are somehow created from coal itself, but this isn't the case. The main process that forms diamonds used for commercial purposes is by carbon being buried deep into the centre of the earth and exposed to extreme heat of at least 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Volcanic eruptions then propelled them to closer to the earth's surface, where they cooled and formed the diamond stones we know and love.

Having discovered these stones while mining, how is it then that they have come to be a girl's best friend, as Marilyn Monroe so famously sang? Another famous song gives us part of the answer: diamonds are forever. While other gifts may fade, break or age, diamond rings and other diamond jewellery never lose their beauty if cared for properly. Their beauty is another reason for their popularity. Because of their sparkle, diamonds catch the light and light up the finger, ears, wrist or décolleté.

Although coloured diamonds are now popular for unique engagement rings and necklaces, the white diamond is still the most popular, partly because it will go with any outfit of any colour and so can be worn for every occasion. Of course, strictly speaking, diamonds are not actually white, but range from colourless (the most expensive and quite rare) to containing traces of varying shades of yellow and brown.

Another reason that diamonds are so sought after by women is because they are a precious stone and still quite rare. Because true diamonds are created through a natural process, each one is unique and large stones in particular are much rarer to find without flaws. Consequently, larger stones have higher price tags to them, and so therefore diamonds are still very much associated with luxury. A woman might feel when wearing a diamond engagement ring that it demonstrates to the rest of the world that her man can look after her and cares for her enough to spend a great sum on buying her a beautiful piece of jewellery. Of course, we always think that you should only buy expensive jewellery if you really can afford to do so, and the price tag is not a measure of your love for her.

When it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring, tradition says that you should spend approximately two months’ salary. However, we realise that this is not always possible and nor should it be a hard and fast rule. Many of our engagement rings are customisable, so you can alter the combinations of carat, colour and clarity to find a ring that is within your budget while still remaining beautiful and of sublime quality.

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