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Why You Need a Wedding Website

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Why You Need a Wedding Website


Wedding websites are becoming increasingly popular as a stylish way of keeping people up to date with your engagement and wedding plans. This chic and modern way of keeping people in the loop offers you (and your wedding planning) untold versatility and can be used for everything from showing off your brand new diamond engagement ring and announcing your engagement to keeping your future wedding guests up to date with the planning, engagement shoot and wedding photos.

Let's pick a hypothetical couple. Let's say David Garrett has proposed to Lucy Wood and the two now engaged. Which would be more impactful them uploading the picture of the ring to Facebook and waiting for hundreds of likes, or sending their friends a link to Their friends and family would click the link and see a photo of a stunning diamond engagement ring on a perfectly manicured finger, followed by a picture of two of their friends embracing. Perhaps if the pair wanted something less subtle they could go for, building the anticipation while people click the link and see the picture which they expect to see, their curiosity piqued. By way of announcing engagements and showing off photos, having your own personal website is pretty impressive.

A wedding website goes far beyond the engagement though. As you plan your wedding you will find people coming to you asking an untold number of questions. You can use this site as a way of keeping everyone up to date and in the loop, and save yourself from answering the same questions again and again. Wedding staples like a save-the-date and engagement photos can be posted there and people can leave comments there as a virtual guestbook which you can look back on for years to come. If you want to you can even have your friends RSVP via your website all you need to do is remind them of the URL in your wedding invitations.

By doing this you can keep your guests up to date with your plans in the lead up to the wedding. Let your friends and family know your venue, dress code and even the choices for catering. If it's an 18+ event, you can explain this to your guests here. If you've arranged for discounts at a local hotel, you can give them the link here, making life easier for your guests. Once the wedding is over your friends and family will even know where to go to see the wedding photography and maybe even a honeymoon photo collection of the pair of you on the beach, drink in hand and rings on fingers.

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