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Your Guide to Three Stone Diamond Rings

Published by MarlowsDiamonds at Apr 08, 2022
Your Guide to Three Stone Diamond Rings

Diamond ring styles certainly come and go, but one of the most enduring styles has been diamond trilogy rings. We’re always interested in the symbology of ring styles and gem choices (although usually just as a little bit of fun) and the connotations attached to three stone rings are certainly pleasing enough.

Here are a few ideas and potential meanings that could help you choose from our exceptional selection of diamond rings.


As an Engagement Ring

The current trend for engagement rings seems very focussed on individual large diamonds set on fine precious metal band settings. But the three stone ring still holds a special place in the traditional sense. The classic meaning of the three stones representing the beginning, middle and end of your love isn't diminished by trends and has certainly found a welcome place in the hearts of many of our clients.


As an Anniversary Ring

Anniversary jewellery is always going to be a joy. We currently meet lots of folks who opted for single stone engagement rings and simple wedding bands, and these folks are looking for a classic third ring to add to the bunch. Three stone diamond rings tick all the style boxes, but they also have a meaning that can be used for both engagement and anniversary sentiment. They represent the past, present and future of your relationship. And that means you can enjoy the gift of a ring loaded with sentiment at the beginning of your relationship or at any point along the way.


In Place of an Eternity Ring

With more couples than ever opting for diamond-set wedding rings, three stone rings are becoming popular as eternity rings. The symbol of the three stones as the past, present and future is again what seems to be driving this trend.

Using our online customisation tool you can create bespoke three stone rings to match your current nuptial jewellery perfectly, right down to the size and clarity of the diamonds.


When Your Family Starts

As well as representing the past, present and future of your marriage, the trilogy ring style can represent the beginning of your family baby in the middle and a parent on each side. Although the typical three stone ring uses stones of matching cut, size and colour, we can create custom options with a different fancy diamond in the centre to represent the new addition to your home.

Choosing the right nuptial jewellery for your coupling isn’t about following trends or keeping up with the Jones. It's about picking and choosing the meanings, sentiments, gems, colours and jewellery types that suit your lifestyle and personal tastes. After all, perhaps you don’t really like wearing rings and are more of an earrings person? What’s stopping you opting for engagement earrings instead?

All we're saying is that you can have a little fun when you look into things like common sentiments behind various jewellery styles, but the important thing is to make sure it suits YOU, whatever that means in the end.

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