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Each diamond which is extracted from mother Earth is unique. This can be specially felt in a tiny minority of extremely rare diamonds that show a variety of colour, known in the trade as Natural Fancy Colour Diamonds, the most popular among consumers being Yellow or Canary colour diamonds with a sunny or orangey hue. These are naturally formed due to the presence of nitrogen within rock formations.
Blue diamonds, which are extremely scarce have a presence of the rare metalloid boron. Green diamonds, also very rare, indicate their exposure to radioactivity during their formation. The colour in the news, Pink diamonds, are almost exclusively mined in the Argyle mine in Australia are a result of “the distortion of the internal structure of the stone” according to John King of the GIA. These diamonds often fetch record prices in top auction houses across the world. A cut above all the rest are Red Colour Diamonds with only a handful recovered and polished to perfection, the most notable of them being the De Young Red and the Moussaieff Red.

Black diamonds, which are also unfairly termed as Fancy Colour Diamonds in the generic trade are generally treated for colour and are actually found in abundance with price levels of £100-300 per carat. Natural Black Diamonds are more uncommon but price levels are lower in comparison to Yellows. In the same instance, with the advent of technology, Yellow, Blue and Pink Diamonds can also be “lab grown” or “Treated for colour” which result in severe price reductions. For eg, a “Treated” Yellow Diamond can be easily sourced for £800-2000 for a one carat stone. At Marlows Diamonds, we do NOT recommend purchase of any “treated or lab grown diamonds”, hence we do not normally stock any form of treated diamond, unless specifically requested by a client.

Fancy Colour Diamonds, like White diamonds come in a variety of clarities ranging from Flawless to I2 (being heavily marked) with prices varying accordingly. Further, Natural Fancy Colour Diamonds, in addition to coming in their pure colour form (eg. Natural Fancy Yellow or Natural Fancy Intense Yellow) also come in different mixed colour attributes (eg. Natural Fancy Greenish Yellow), showing a mixture of colours. Many coloured diamonds show some form of fluorescence due to the presence of additional minerals in them. The rarest and most expensive are the Pure Colours with None, Faint or Medium fluorescence as graded by the GIA or IGI. The saturation of colour is also shown on the GIA report, for eg. Yellow diamonds start from Faint Yellow – Very Light Yellow – Light Yellow – Fancy Yellow – Fancy Intense Yellow – Fancy Deep Yellow – Fancy Vivid Yellow (being the most expensive and most saturated in the Yellow category).

If you wish to find out more or require further knowledge and assistance with buying that one special Fancy colour diamond of your choice, a visit to Marlows in the famous Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham is a must, as we have one of the largest retail stock of Natural Fancy Colour Diamonds outside of Bond Street brands with their associated high price structures. A visit would enlighten you to the actual prices associated with Fancy Colour Diamonds as they do not have an international pricing structure like White Diamonds of D-Z colours and can be extremely frustrating to source, with consumers ending up paying many thousands of pounds for diamonds worth a few hundred pounds. We look forward to your visit.